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Readers Say . . .
“Thank you very much for the "Life in the USA" website. It has helped me to understand some things which have become frustrating for me after moving to the USA from the Czech Republic. It has been a year since we moved here and I thought there was something wrong with me, but after reading the website and reading about American culture and American World view I realized that it is just a normal process of integrating into the US environment. ”
. . . . Lucie, Maryland
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Mediaset Italia: The Italian TV to Make Us Feel at Home

It happens every day: foreign communities in USA feel different, people want to stick to their culture, or simply new immigrants miss home.

If you can observe American-born people who are strangely attached to memories they get from their parents, there are also young people who feel far from home, and with the desire to maintain connections with the land they came from. Italians are the perfect example.

A lot of young women and men come from Italy to the USA every year. In the Mediterranean peninsula they call this migration “brains escape”, because they are not poor people looking for fortune like in the past. Most of them are qualified persons looking for a real job opportunity or a fruitful experience abroad. Generally they are 30-something, with educational qualification, and a lot of energy.
Life In The USA Magazine

Mr. Distance
Michelle Wang

I’d like to introduce you to a man named Mr. Distance. He is close friends with Mrs. I Miss You as well as distantly related to a boy named Presents From Foreign-Lands. You could say Mr. Distance is my archenemy, and we have been acquainted since I was young. Who, might you ask, introduced this man to me? My father.

My dad is the best dad in the world, because he is my dad. If you ask me what he looks like, I’ll say, around 5 feet 10 inches tall, Asian, wears glasses, and rounding a little around the midsection (to put it nicely). But I probably wouldn’t tell you about the things I guard in my little safe box called Memory.
Life In The USA Magazine

Oh No! It's Bike Week
Thomas Scopel

The rumble started. It wasn't the ocean. It wasn't a thunderstorm. "OH NO IT'S BIKE WEEK!" The time of the year when thousands of bikers invade our quiet little town of Daytona Beach, Florida, to party, ride everywhere, and basically, force we residents to deviate from our otherwise, calm and peaceful little lives. For the next week, day and night, night and day, it will continue. Gradually increasing, growing larger with each and every passing day.
Life In The USA Magazine

Immigrants and Attitudes
Brenda Lachman

Since 9/11, anti-immigration sentiments not only have risen for obvious reasons, but they have really multiplied in the last couple of years. There are over 17 anti-immigrant organizations, and their arguments for rejection of immigrants, amnesty or comprehensible immigration reform are often economic: stealing jobs, the heavy use of the welfare systems, overload of the education system and not paying their taxes.
Life In The USA Magazine

Please Note: Life In The USA is a site devoted to explaining American life, but we cannot help with questions about employment or immigration law and procedures.

Readers Say . . .
“Thank You for your wonderful website. I am from India and about to marry my boyfriend (Matt) who is an American. It helped me find a lot of information on American Culture, values, etc. I got all the information that I needed on one website without having to browse through a number of websites for different sets of information. Thank You once again!”
. . . . Rinkie, India

“Thank you for your site. I am from Ukraine, I've got a home-work to write a great composition about the contemporary USA. So I've got everything I needed on this topic.”
. . . . Anastasia, Ukraine

“I found lifeintheusa web site recently. I wish I knew it long time ago. It's the best information I ever had since I came to the country. Thank you very much.”
. . . . Fuxue Jin, Daytona Beach, Florida

“Thanks for taking the time and effort to put such a wealth of resources on the web. My family is hosting an exchange student from Costa Rica and your site has the answers to a lot the questions she has (and has not!) asked about American culture.”
. . . . Yvette Zimmerman Carrie, Davis, California

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